Liquid Glucose

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Liquid glucose, also known as glucose syrup, is a thick, clear, and sweet syrup made from the hydrolysis of starch, typically derived from corn, potatoes, wheat, or rice. During the hydrolysis process, enzymes or acids are used to break down the starch into simpler carbohydrates, primarily glucose. This results in a syrup with varying concentrations of glucose, maltose, and higher saccharides.

Liquid glucose is widely used in the food industry for various purposes, including:

Sweetening Agent:

Liquid glucose is a sweetening agent, and its level of sweetness is slightly less than that of regular sugar (sucrose). It is used in the production of candies, confectionery, and baked goods to enhance sweetness and prevent crystallization.

Texture and Moisture Control:

In baking and confectionery, liquid glucose helps control the texture, moisture content, and chewiness of products like candies, ice creams, and frozen desserts.

Binding Agent:

It is used to bind together ingredients in various food products, such as granola bars and cereal clusters.

Preventing Crystallization:

Liquid glucose is used in the production of certain syrups, like caramel and butterscotch, to prevent crystallization and provide a smooth, glossy texture.

Baking and Brewing:

In baking, liquid glucose can be used to retain moisture in products like cakes and cookies. In brewing, it may be used as a source of fermentable sugars in beer production.


It is used as a carrier or diluent for active pharmaceutical ingredients in some medications.

Medical Uses:

Liquid glucose is used in medical settings for intravenous administration to provide a source of energy in situations where oral consumption is not possible.

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